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Sabah LawNet is Sabah's Virtual Law Library which includes a database of State’s Enactments, Ordinances, Rules, Regulations, By-Laws and State laws declared Federal and its Subsidiary Legislations. It is comprehensive and easy to use and is catered for anyone who has a need to refer to Sabah Laws. It delivers the most convenient, low cost and efficient solution for users through direct networking and for quick access to a continuously expanding database without time and geographical limitations.

Our slogan is "Sabah Laws at your finger tips". We offer the advantage of having up-to-date laws at the click of the mouse, doing away with uncertainty and the danger of relying on outdated laws. It also does away with the cutting and pasting of the hard copies i.e., conventional method of updating statutes by clipping out the amendments and pasting them over the old laws.

Our aim is to make Sabah LawNet an indispensable tool for gathering information and providing accurate answers. Sabah LawNet helps legal, business and government personnel to use information more productively.

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